AI News 10/10/23: LinkedIn AI and AI Propaganda

In this episode of AI Equation, we dive into the latest groundbreaking developments in the world of artificial intelligence. First up, we explore how LinkedIn, a platform with nearly 1 billion users, is undergoing a remarkable transformation. It’s no longer just a digital resume repository but a hub for AI-driven networking, learning, marketing, and sales. Discover how LinkedIn’s new AI features are reshaping the way professionals connect, upskill, and market their brands.

In our second story, we delve into the unsettling world of AI-generated propaganda. From fabricated images to deepfake videos, political leaders worldwide are harnessing AI to manipulate public opinion. We discuss the implications of AI’s role in digital repression, censorship, and disinformation, highlighting the challenges it poses to democracy.

And in our special feature, we spotlight Alex Karp, Co-Founder and CEO of Palantir Technologies. Karp’s unconventional approach to tech contracts with government agencies has sparked controversy, but he believes Palantir’s mission is a “higher calling.” Learn about his vision for the role of tech companies in an AI-driven world.

Join us for these thought-provoking AI insights and much more in this episode of AI Equation. Don’t forget to leave us a review and share the show with your friends if you enjoy what you hear. Stay tuned for more AI discoveries in our upcoming episodes!