AI News 10/12/23: 3.5 Day Work Week and Wikipedia in ChatGPT

In this episode of AI Equation, we explore the profound impact of AI on the future of work, from shorter workweeks to AI-powered knowledge access.

First, we dive into the visionary perspective of JPMorgan CEO Jamie Dimon, who believes that AI will revolutionize the workweek, leading to a world where the next generation only needs to clock in for 3.5 days. We dissect Dimon’s predictions about increased longevity and leisure time, all made possible by AI. We also discuss the potential for job displacement due to AI and the strategies companies like JPMorgan are employing to adapt.

In our second story, we uncover the Wikimedia Foundation’s foray into AI-powered knowledge access with a ChatGPT Plus plugin for Wikipedia. We explore how this plugin enhances user engagement, attracts contributors, and improves AI content quality while staying true to Wikipedia’s human-centered ethos. We emphasize the complementary role of AI alongside human efforts in the knowledge-sharing ecosystem.

And in our special feature, we shine a spotlight on James Manyika, Senior Vice President of Research Tech and Society at Google. We delve into Manyika’s diverse career and his current role overseeing a wide-ranging portfolio of AI research and products, including initiatives addressing climate change and healthcare. We also explore his commitment to AI safety and transparency.

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