AI News 10/18/23: #AIDayofAction and Meta's AI Assistant

In this episode of AI Equation, we bring you two fascinating stories about the convergence of AI and various creative industries.

First up, we dive into #AIdayofaction, a movement initiated by Fight for the Future and the United Musicians and Allied Workers. This collective call to action unites artists to protect their creativity against the looming threat of AI-generated art and music copyright. Find out how artists from different domains are joining forces to safeguard their craft.

In our second story, we explore Meta Platforms’ latest innovations unveiled by CEO Mark Zuckerberg. From AI-driven chatbots to smart glasses with AI assistants, discover how Meta is pushing the boundaries between the virtual and real worlds. We delve into the potential of AI-powered devices and their implications for the future.

Plus, we highlight artist Kelly McKernan’s journey and the legal battles against AI-generated content that is affecting the creative industry. These cases are shaping the future of art and creative livelihoods.