AI News 10/19/23: WHOOP Coach and Visa Ventures

In today’s AI Equation episode, we’ve got two exciting stories for you.

First, OpenAI is partnering with WHOOP to introduce WHOOP Coach, a generative AI feature powered by GPT-4. This AI coach offers personalized health and fitness guidance by analyzing your unique body data and goals. Plus, OpenAI is rumored to be working on new AI hardware with the help of iPhone designer Jony Ive. Find out what’s in store for the future!

In our second story, Visa, a global payments leader, is diving headfirst into AI investments with a $100 million generative AI ventures initiative. Discover how generative AI could reshape commerce and our daily lives. Visa Ventures, the global corporate investment arm, will oversee this game-changing initiative.

We’re also shining a spotlight on Kate Crawford, a professor at USC, known for her pioneering work in AI research. Her collaborations with artists bring complex AI issues to the public, fostering broader discussions about the impact of AI on our world.