AI News 10/20/23: Military Metaverse and AI in Education

Welcome to another episode of AI Equation! Today, we’ve got two fascinating AI stories in store.

In our first story, we’re exploring the concept of a military metaverse that’s transforming aerial combat forces. Former F-22 pilot Dan Robinson takes us on a journey through this AI-enabled digital combat space that’s revolutionizing military training. Learn how augmented reality and immersive simulations are making a significant impact.

In story two, we’re headed to Australian classrooms, where artificial intelligence, including ChatGPT, is becoming a fundamental part of education. We dive into the national framework embraced by education ministers, aiming to responsibly integrate AI into schools. Discover the potential and challenges of bringing AI into the classroom.

And, of course, we’re highlighting the influential work of Sandra Rivera, General Manager of Intel’s Data Center and AI Group. She’s shaping Intel’s role as an AI accelerator chip manufacturer, making waves in the tech industry.

Don’t miss out on these AI insights. Let’s dive in!