AI News 10/26/23: Cicero AI and Educational AI

Welcome to another insightful episode of AI Equation! In this edition, we unravel the AI achievements and advancements that are shaping our world.

Our first story introduces Cicero, an AI system developed by Meta, that has triumphed in the complex game of Diplomacy. Witness how this AI has achieved a remarkable milestone by outperforming 90% of human players, underscoring its proficiency in tasks demanding high social intelligence.

In story two, we delve into the evolving landscape of education with AI. Discover how Artificial Intelligence is revolutionizing learning and teaching methodologies, making education more inclusive, efficient, and personalized.

Our Time feature shines a light on Professor Yi Zeng of the Chinese Academy of Sciences. Learn about his inspiring journey in the realm of AI and his commitment to global cooperation in shaping ethical AI development.

Join us for these compelling AI insights and stories!