AI News 11/15/23: Shiksha Copilot and The Future of Generative AI

In this episode of AI Equation, we explore how AI is revolutionizing education with Shiksha Copilot, a groundbreaking project by Microsoft Research India. Shiksha Copilot empowers teachers to create personalized learning experiences efficiently, saving time and enhancing student engagement. We’ll hear from teachers like Parimala H V, who have experienced significant reductions in lesson planning time and improvements in teaching practices thanks to this innovative tool. This episode dives into the cutting-edge AI technologies behind Shiksha Copilot and how it adapts to diverse educational challenges.

In Story 2, we shift our focus to the future of generative AI and its transformative impact on enterprise processes, decision-making, and strategy. We explore key findings by Gartner analysts, highlighting the rapid adoption of generative AI in the coming years. We delve into the need for AI Trust, Risk, and Security Management (TRiSM), and the rise of “custobots” as autonomous negotiators. As AI becomes a critical part of enterprise initiatives, we discuss the distinctions between everyday AI and game-changing AI and how businesses should prioritize AI readiness, security, and meaningful human-machine interactions.

Our TIME feature spotlights Eric Schmidt, co-founder of Schmidt Futures, and his pivotal role in bridging Silicon Valley and the U.S. national-security community. Schmidt shares insights on the accelerating pace of AI innovation, the path to achieving general intelligence, and AI’s role in upcoming elections. He emphasizes the importance of content verification and trusted information in the digital age.