AI News 11/17/23: Scarlett Johansson Lawsuit and AI in Search and Rescue

Welcome to another episode of AI Equation. In today’s episode, we cover a legal battle in the AI world as Scarlett Johansson takes legal action against Convert Software, a developer that used her name and likeness in an online ad featuring an AI-generated version of her voice. This case brings to the forefront the challenges and legal concerns surrounding AI-generated content and the unauthorized use of celebrities’ voices and likenesses.

In Story 2, we explore the potential role of AI in search-and-rescue (SAR) operations. Drones have become valuable tools for SAR teams, but they come with limitations. We discuss how the introduction of SparAI from Life Sparrow aims to address some of these limitations by analyzing images and locating specific individuals. The integration of drones and AI has the potential to enhance the efficiency and effectiveness of SAR operations.

In our TIME feature, we highlight Andrew Ng, the founder of DeepLearning.AI and a pioneer in AI research and education. Ng’s contributions to the field, including democratizing AI education and supporting AI applications, reflect his dedication to realizing the benefits of AI for a global audience.