AI News 9/13/23: Canva in GPT, 2024 Elections and AI Cancer Detection

On this episode of AI Equation, we’re unveiling three AI stories that are shaping the future.

First up, ChatGPT’s groundbreaking integration with Canva is transforming the world of visual design. Discover how you can effortlessly create stunning visuals with AI assistance, simplifying your creative process and enhancing your projects.

In Story 2, we look into the potential impact of AI on elections in 2024. Explore the rise of synthetic propaganda generated by AI and its implications for upcoming elections worldwide. Learn how AI can both pose a threat and offer solutions to safeguard electoral integrity.

Our third story is a game-changer in the world of healthcare. Microsoft and Paige’s collaboration is set to create the world’s largest image-based AI model for cancer detection. Find out how this initiative is revolutionizing cancer diagnosis, empowering medical professionals, and improving patient care.

In our special feature, we highlight Sneha Revanur, the founder of Encode Justice, a youth-led AI-focused civil-society group. Discover how this young AI advocate is mobilizing the next generation to actively participate in AI policy advocacy and ensure that their voices are heard in AI governance.

Join us on AI Equation for these intriguing AI stories and gain insights into the ever-evolving world of artificial intelligence.