AI News 9/14/23: Hubspot, AI Copyright and AI in Political Advertising

In this episode of AI Equation, we’ve got a trio of captivating AI stories that are reshaping the tech landscape.

First up, HubSpot is revolutionizing marketing and sales with its groundbreaking AI tools. Explore the world of AI content assistants, tireless AI agents, and predictive AI insights that are set to transform how businesses engage with customers. Don’t miss the chance to glimpse the future of marketing and sales with HubSpot’s game-changing AI features.

In Story 2, we tackle a burning question in the age of AI-generated content: Who holds the rights to AI-created art? Dive into the intricacies of copyright eligibility for AI-generated material, liability issues, and the evolving legal landscape. Discover how creators, AI developers, and our legal system are navigating this complex terrain.

Story 3 unveils Google’s bold move towards transparency in political advertising. Learn how Google’s new policy, requiring political ads to disclose AI-generated content, aims to safeguard the integrity of political discourse. With the US presidential election looming, this policy sets a new standard for political ad transparency.

In our special feature, we shine a spotlight on Geoffrey Hinton, an AI pioneer who’s sounding the alarm about the potential dangers of superhuman AI. Follow Hinton’s journey from academia to Google and his recent realization that digital intelligence might already surpass the human brain. Explore the urgent mission he’s embarked on to raise awareness and engage with policymakers.

Join us for these thought-provoking AI stories, and don’t forget to leave us a review and share this episode with your friends.