AI News 9/19/23: AI's Environmental Impact and AI Safety

In this episode, we uncover an unexpected environmental consequence of AI breakthroughs. Tech giants like Microsoft, OpenAI, and Google are facing a surge in water consumption driven by their AI endeavors. Discover how training AI models, including ChatGPT, generates immense heat, necessitating water use in data center cooling systems. We delve into Microsoft’s startling 34% rise in global water consumption and the environmental impact of AI products, shedding light on the need for sustainable AI development.

In Story 2, we explore the global commitment to responsible AI development. Prominent AI companies, including Adobe, IBM, Nvidia, and others, pledge to prioritize AI safety, security, and trustworthiness. These voluntary commitments emphasize the importance of internal and external AI testing, risk disclosure, and societal challenges. Learn about the Biden administration’s role in shaping these commitments and the ongoing discussions on AI regulation, especially for generative AI.

Our Time’s 100 most influential people in AI spotlight shines on Professor Yejin Choi from the University of Washington. Dive into Choi’s quest to teach AI systems humor and moral values. Discover the complexities of defining moral norms for AI in a diverse world, and how Professor Choi is bridging the gap between human morality and artificial intelligence.

Tune in to explore the unexpected intersections of AI, environmental impact, responsible development, and the quest to instill moral values in machines.