AI News 9/20/23: OpenAI Residency and the Digital Futures Project

In this episode, we dive into the OpenAI Residency Program, a groundbreaking educational initiative that opens the doors to AI exploration. Discover how this program empowers individuals from diverse backgrounds, providing them with essential skills and knowledge in AI and machine learning. If you’re a mathematics enthusiast, physicist, neuroscientist, or a software engineer eyeing a transition into AI research, this program could be your gateway. Learn about the unique opportunities, competitive salaries, and OpenAI’s commitment to diversity that make this program stand out.

In Story 2, we explore Google’s game-changing investment in AI research through the Digital Futures Project. is contributing $20 million to support researchers and public policy solutions in the AI domain. Uncover how this initiative aims to address critical questions surrounding AI’s impact on society, including fairness, bias, security, and the future of work. We highlight the inaugural grantees and Google’s global commitment to responsible AI development.

Our Time’s 100 most influential people in AI spotlight shines on musician Holly Herndon. Explore how Holly Herndon used AI to transform her voice into a digital twin, Holly+, and empowered aspiring musicians to experiment with her unique style. Discover her contributions to creating ethical AI training datasets and her pioneering work in AI-driven art and music. Herndon’s story is a testament to the power of artists and innovators in shaping the AI landscape.

Join us as we explore AI education, responsible AI investment, and the creative potential of AI in this insightful episode.