AI News 9/25/23: Google Bard Extensions and Amazon AI

In our latest episode, we explore three captivating AI stories. First up, we take you inside the Generative AI Summit, a powerhouse of insights and practical use-cases. Discover what’s happening at the forefront of AI with interactive workshops and keynotes.

Next, we delve into Amazon’s game-changing generative AI tools for sellers. Can they revolutionize product listings, or do they come with risks? Find out how AI is transforming the e-commerce landscape.

Finally, Google announces Bard Extensions, a significant development for Google Workspace. Learn how Bard integrates user data and enhances responses across various Google tools. Is this the era of a new and improved Google Workspace?

Plus, we take a unique look at Charlie Brooker, the creative genius behind “Black Mirror.” Explore the impact of AI in his thought-provoking series and how it foreshadows real-world tech trends. Tune in now for a deep dive into the world of AI and its evolving role in our lives.