Music Industry Takes Legal Action Against AI Song-Generators for Copyright Infringement

The music industry is escalating its battle against artificial intelligence (AI) song-generators, with major record labels filing lawsuits against AI startups Suno and Udio for copyright infringement. The Recording Industry Association of America (RIAA) announced the lawsuits on Monday, representing labels such as Sony Music Entertainment, UMG Recordings, and Warner Records.

The legal actions involve two separate cases: one filed in federal court in Boston against Suno AI and another in New York against Uncharted Labs, the developer of Udio AI. The lawsuits allege that these AI platforms are unlawfully exploiting the recorded works of artists, from Chuck Berry to Mariah Carey, without proper authorization.

Suno AI’s CEO, Mikey Shulman, responded to the allegations, stating that their technology is designed to generate new and original outputs rather than copying existing content. He emphasized that their system does not allow users to reference specific artists. Despite attempts to engage in discussions with the record labels, Shulman claims the companies have opted for legal action instead.

Udio AI has yet to issue a response to the lawsuit.

The RIAA, represented by Chairman and CEO Mitch Glazier, expressed concern that unlicensed AI services like Suno and Udio undermine the efforts of responsible AI developers working collaboratively with the music industry. The association argues that exploiting an artist’s work without consent or compensation poses a significant threat to the industry’s integrity and future innovations.

AI technology in the music industry has sparked significant debate, balancing its creative potential against legal and ethical concerns. In March, Tennessee became the first U.S. state to enact legislation protecting songwriters, performers, and other music professionals from the potential misuse of AI, ensuring that AI tools cannot replicate an artist’s voice without their consent.

Furthermore, in April, over 200 artists signed an open letter, facilitated by the Artist Rights Alliance, urging AI tech companies, developers, and digital platforms to respect the rights of human artists and refrain from using AI to infringe upon and devalue their work.

As the legal battles unfold, the music industry continues to navigate the complex intersection of innovation and intellectual property rights, seeking to safeguard the contributions of artists in an era of rapid technological advancement.

Source: Yahoo