What is ChatGPT?

Welcome back to AI Equation, where we break down the complexities of AI for you! In this episode, we’re diving deep into ChatGPT, answering your most burning questions.

Question 1: What is ChatGPT? How does it work?

  • We unravel the mysteries behind ChatGPT, exploring its architecture and understanding how it processes and generates human-like text. Get ready for a fascinating journey into the heart of this powerful language model!

Question 2: When did ChatGPT get released?

  • We take a trip down memory lane to the release date of ChatGPT. Discover the evolution and key milestones that have shaped this revolutionary AI model since its inception.

Question 3: Can I use ChatGPT for free?

  • The million-dollar question! We provide clarity on accessing ChatGPT without breaking the bank. Learn about the free features, subscription plans, and how OpenAI is balancing accessibility and sustainability.

Join us for a knowledge-packed episode as we demystify ChatGPT and empower you with the insights you need. Whether you’re an AI enthusiast, developer, or just curious about the world of artificial intelligence, this episode is tailored for you!

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